Junior Registration

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Registration for Barbados Cup can only be made via ITF London.
You need your personal IPIN number, which you can request from the ITF.

All registered players are being counted on the tournament website of the ITF and every participant can see when the maximum number is reached. To register via ITF you will need your IPIN. If you do not have one, please read below on how to acquire one from the ITF.

For more information regarding the tournament, please visit the ITF Website.


You will need:

An Internet connection
A valid email address
(registration works via email confirmation)
A valid credit card for paying a fee of $20

Take me to the IPIN site →


Should you not want to pay via credit card, please contact the ITF directly: 

ITF Junior Department
e-mail: ipinjuniors@itftennis.com
Tel. +44 208 392 4622

Email ITF →

Please note the following after you received your IPIN:
Do not forget your password when registering with your IPIN. It is essential to have the IPIN and the password (case sensitive) ready at all times. Simple mistakes or a wrong letter will not allow you to register.

Adult Registration

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Doubles Partner's Name
Doubles Partner's Name
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Mixed Doubles Partner's Name
Mixed Doubles Partner's Name
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Registration Fee
$50 USD Registration fee is payable in cash only, at the time of check-in at the tournament. A detailed schedule for check-in times will be posted on the schedule page of our website.